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"Animus of Earth & Sky (AoES)_01", 2010-11, acrylic paint on canvas, Diptych, H.72" X W.48"

Digimorphism ?

The Digimorphism Manifesto is first of all an act of artistic self definition and secondly a public declaration of a set of principles for the integration of digital and traditional aesthetic forms, methods and products, which is open to public debate and co-authorship by like minded artist and thinkers. The Digimorphism Manifesto is a document that condenses many years of my art making practice and conceptual self analysis, it is an iterative flow, ongoing and by design never to be declared complete but embraces endless variation and transformation. + more...

Digimorphism is an artistic program of interconnection and transformation through both digital image-making and contemporary painting methods and styles. It is an endless loop of sorting, selecting, transforming, and recombining images, marks, colors, forms and texts as they move between digital virtual space and material physical space. The digital realm provides artists an ever-growing expanse of opportunities for conceptual and visual transformation, while traditional painting provides artists with maximum expressive power and a rich historical context. As a hybrid artform, digimorphism's goal is to enlarge the range and quality of the digital arts while also reinvigorating more traditional visual arts such as painting and sculpture. Thus, digimorphism is effervescent; one end product will be a physical painting, but only as a temporary stopping point, as it can then be digitized to reenter the process of transformation and recombination. Any painting may have endless spin-offs of interactive and media-based versions. The present has collapsed. Digimorphism, then, is a manifestation of a future that is already here, but is accelerating at such a rapid speed of innovation that it can not be contained long enough to become a new present. By linking these speeding, multiplying technologies and cultural forces to a vast and rich tradition of art and creativity, digimorphic artists have the ability to intervene and function as humanizers of these new and potent visual forms. - less

The Full Digimorphism - Art Manifesto -

Selected Art Works

New Digimorphic Paintings - "Animus of Earth & Sky" (AoES)

The paintings that comprise the painitngs in the art work group group, "Animus of Earth & Sky" (AoES), are the result of a new studio practice of moving from physical paint applied with custom brushes, then to digital forms for compositional transformation, and then back again to physical paint. Each painting’s content is based on real issues of environmental and social evolution, and on methods and aesthetics inherent to styles of visualizing in concept art. + more...

  • (AoES)_01", 2011
    Acrylic Paint on Canvas, Diptych
    72 X 48 inches (182.88 X 121.92 cm)
  • (AoES)_02", 2011
    Acrylic Paint on Canvas, Diptych
    72 X 48 inches (182.88 X 121.92 cm)
  • (AoES)_03", 2011
    Acrylic Paint on Canvas, Diptych
    48 X 72 inches (121.92 X 182.88cm)
  • (AoES)_04", 2011
    Acrylic Paint on Canvas, Triptych
    36 X 60 inches (91.44 X 152.4cm)
  • (AoES)_05", 2011
    Acrylic Paint on Canvas, Triptych
    36 X 60 inches (91.44 X 152.4cm)
  • (AoES)_06", 2011
    Acrylic Paint on Canvas, Triptych
    36 X 60 inches (91.44 X 152.4cm)
  • (AoES)_07", 2011
    Acrylic Paint on Canvas, Triptych
    36 X 60 inches (91.44 X 152.4cm)
  • (AoES)_08", 2011
    Acrylic Paint on 3 Canvas
    24 X 18 inches (61 X 45.7cm)
  • (AoES)_09", 2011
    Acrylic Paint on 9 Canvas, 3 Triptychs
    each Canvas 20 X 16 inches (50.8 X 40.6cm)
  • (AoES)_10", 2011
    Acrylic Paint on Canvas, Diptych
    20 X 32 inches (50.8 X 81.3cm)
  • (AoES)_11", 2011
    Acrylic Paint on Canvas, Diptych
    40 X 16 inches (101.6 X 40.6cm)
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Digimorphic Paintings - "Greek Myths Redux"

These works are my personal rumination on the contemporary significance of the Greek Myths triggered by my pilgrimage to the Temple of Apollo at Delphi and the santuary of Demeter and Kore at ancient Korinth. + more...

The Greeks' integration of scientific inquiry, community building artistic production, respect for the physical self and natural world held in balance by a classical ideal of harmonious living seems to me an important template for our current complex condition of conflicting global and local values. In these paintings I am establishing a process for the distillation of my intuitions, images and ideas on contemporary culture. Stylistically inspired by the Greek tradition of enraptured prophecies, the personification of nature and the human experience of being alive in this amazing world. The Greek narratives have a unique ability to contain and creatively express the conflicts inherent to life and offer to anyone who takes the time to read and contemplate them the rich reward of an humanized imagination."

- The last Oracle from the Temple of Apollo's Pythian Priestess, 393 CE

"Tell the king; the fair wrought house has fallen. No shelter has Apollo, nor sacred laurel leaves; The fountains are now silent; the voice is stilled. It is finished. "

"In this group of paintings I am attempting, in some small way, to generate new and wider cultural relevance for the profound voice of Appolo. Appolo who it's seems has never vanished but has spoken for centuries through all the artist working in the western tradition with it rich and vital roots in the culture visions of the Greeks."

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Digimorphic Screen Print + Painting - "Teleological Traces"

These works are focused on the issues of designing new goals in a posthuman future, the use and abuses of new information and genetic technologies. + more...

We are rapidly developing the ability to control the design and purpose of own bodies and evolution as a species as well as other living organisms and the entrie ecosphere. The speed at which change is occurring presents a real challenge to the symbolic order of our culture and to a meaningful dialectical discourse on crucial issues. The iconic signs and symbols of this group of art works function as a poetic analysis of the relationships between technology, art, and society with a focus on deterministic trends, power relationships, and media representations. From a teleological worldview, the future has potentially an infinite number of options which alternations between a utopian and distopian end point. The meta- goal of my artistic process is to sort out and confront questions that arise from the clash of human necessity and technology ability. How do the instinctual drives of love and fear become commodified by corporate imperatives and advertising strategy? To what extent do un-bond market forces drive the design and purpose of technological? Who is determining our future, who benefits the most, how does technology affect culture, and will technology lead to human enhancement or human oppression. - less

Proto-Digimorphic Net Art - "Cultural Anomalies 1.0"

Cultural Anomalies 1.0 focuses on the all too human awarness of our own mortality as the measure of value and meaning within the cool confines of interactive - information space.An edgy, humorous, musically rich shot at the collective evolutionary / de-evolutionary flows of resource utilization, allocation, multi-cultural conflict, desire, art and commodification of it all by the privileged classes. + more...

This NetArt's opening GUI is structured on an individuals life-line from birth to death and beyond death to the post-human/entropic realms of resurrection of consciousness in another form or extension of the body through life extension technologies.The human desire for long life and imortality of spirt if not of body is a motivating factor in art and science.

The sound files and the accompanying images and animations are divided into three types:

1) Loops - repeating sound files which can be either on or off

2) Short - non-repeating sound files

3) Long - non-repeating sound files

The entire work is conceived as a form of interactive theater, which is dynamic not only in terms of the user participation, but as a developing, evolving interactive structure.

Cultural Anomalies 1.0 is divided into four acts which represents separate fields of human experience and stages of life.

Act I the "Prima Materia" where desire pushes out into life.

Act II in the "Art Museum" where culture, money and the artist's social identity converge,

Act III we are at a "BP Gas Station" where conflict and tragedy flow with the resources that maintain the wealth of nations.

Act IV in the "Alchemist Garden" where the search for the greater self and the distillation of experience into spirit is performed.

Most of the musically based sound files are abstracted clips from an original composition supplied by the composer, Eliane Aberdam.

An individual changes less often than our technology but we are changed in the scope of our self reflection by technologies new forms and the cultural / social impact they set in motion. Artist working with digital forms can accelerate their distillation and distribution of our cultural codes via the interactive digital arts.

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Selected Projects

iPad Art Game - "Grind This Art"

This is a video promo for "Grind this Art" an interactive "Art Game App" designed for the iPad, which will allow "viewers" to become playfully engaged with my images to uncover embedded textual information, have alternative emotional experiences, and expand the works’ nodes of meaning. + more...